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Is your transport company based outside of France?
Do you carry out cabotage or transport operations to or from France?
Then you have to comply with…

The law applied in case of posting
of workers in France

(Macron Law)

What is the Macron Law
for a foreign carrier ?

As of the 1st July 2016, "Macron law" applies to drivers posted in France by foreign transport companies. In consequence, they must:

  • Receive the French minimum wage.
  • Comply with French social regulations.
  • Appoint a French representative.

The “Macron Law” on the posting of workers concerns the companies based outside
of France on 2 conditions:

  • Carry out road transport.
  • Post a driving or sailing worker on French territory.





For legal reasons, EUROVAT has to stop its service offer for the representation of posted drivers for customers based in EU from February 2nd, 2022.

This service offer is maintained exclusively for non-EU customers.

Compulsory formalities in case of posting
of drivers in France:

Several documents are necessary to comply with “Macron Law”:

On board the vehicle, the driver must keep:

  • A certificate of posting,
  • A copy of his/her employment contract and its french translation,
  • A1 certificate.

The representative based in France must keep:

  • A copy of the certificate of posting,
  • A power of attorney,
  • The driver’s pay slips,
  • The proofs of salary payments.

The representative must store the above documents during 18 months after
the expiry date of the certificate of posting.
Moreover he must be able to present them immediately in case of control
by the French authorities.

The Macron Law is expensive and time-consuming for the foreign transport
companies. Even if it is tempting not to comply with it, keep in mind that French authorities
carry out more and more controls and they can be accompanied by significant sanctions..

A financial risk in case of fraud

Significant fines can be applied in case of non-compliance to the Macron Law on
transport :

  • Up to € 2 000 per posted driver in case of non-respect of the French minimum wage,
    and up to € 4 000 in case of recidivism.
  • A total amount of € 500 000 of fines to a company not complying with the law.

To avoid these fines, make sur to comply with the "Macron Law":
choose EUROVAT as your French representative!

EuroVAT’s expertise to represent
you officialy in France

Your drivers can drive with total peace of mind! As a Macron Law representative
for transport companies, EUROVAT is your intermediate beside the French authorities.

Your legal
compliance assured


  • Stores your documents and ensures their confidentiality.
  • Represents your company in case of control from the French Authorities.

Fair prices

A sliding price scale depending
on the number of drivers and adapted
to the duration of your certificates of

The comfort of simple procedures:

By choosing EUROVAT, you benefit from an access to your private and secured web account.
Easy to use, it makes you gain time and enables you to manage your online procedures
at your own pace:


An accessible website wherever you are: on PC, tablet or smartphone; only an internet connection is needed.


An easy and secured management of your documents: the required proofs are sensible documents. Thanks to EUROVAT, you can upload them directly in a secured and confidential zone where they will be kept during all the legal duration.


Email alerts to help you no to forget anything: certificates renewal, transmission of payslips and proofs of payment…

Moreover, EUROVAT's multilingual team is always available to answer your questions!

Would you like more information? Contact us !